This Company Wants You To Eat More Chocolate To Feel Better About Yourself

Chocolate Supplements: Good Day Chocolates That
Image Courtesy of Good Day Chocolate

* These chocolates contain supplements to help your with sleep, energy and stress
* They’re all made with fair trade chocolate
* The company has also partnered with the charity Smile Train

While most of us would love to increase our daily chocolate intake, we also know that it wouldn’t be the best for our health. Luckily, Good Day Chocolate has a solution that lets you enjoy milk chocolate without feeling guilty. They create special packs of chocolates that contain natural dietary supplements like melatonin, amino acids, and other natural vitamins and botanicals to help with promote improved energy, sleep, stress, reduce inflammation, and improve your overall well-being. The variety of pack has one of each type (Energy, Calm, Tumeric, and and Sleep).

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All of the supplements are natural, pharmaceutical grade and GMO free. Even the coloring on the melt-resistant chocolate coating comes from fruits and veggies. Now, there’s no need to feel guilty about eating chocolate- not only can these help solve many some of our ailments, but it has fair trade benefits as well. As an added bonus, the company has partnered with Smile Train, a charity that helps provide surgery and support to children with cleft palates.