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We’ve Finally Found a Reason to Try HelloFresh

* Convenient, customizable, healthy meal delivery
* Fresh ingredients, recyclable packaging and attentive chefs
* Use our discount code to get up to $40 off

By now you’ve likely heard of HelloFresh: the flexible subscription meal delivery service that promises fresh, quick and easy meals so you don’t have to worry about dinner (for yourself) or entertaining (for many). But with a ton of other meal delivery services out there, we wanted to know: what makes HelloFresh stand out?

The answer is simple: HelloFresh offers a more thoughtful and personalized approach to cooking, ensuring that you’re well-fed and well-taken care of.

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For starters, HelloFresh caters to those with specialized diets, whether you’re a vegetarian, on a low-calorie diet, or looking for something you can whip up in minutes. The in-house chefs offer 13 new recipes a week, so you won’t get tired of eating the same thing all the time. Real, fresh, high-quality ingredients are health-conscious, while the easy-to-make dishes are ideal for students, busy families or for catering a dinner party.

To make it easy, HelloFresh can select meals based on your preferences or you can pick and choose for yourself. The company also uses recyclable packaging to cut down on waste — and delivery is available 7 days a week and always free. (By the way: their boxes are layered with insulating liners and ice packs to keep ingredients cool until you get home).

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