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Make Your Own Healthy Granola Bars at Home With This $20 Kitchen Gadget

* This at-home press allows you to produce your own granola bars
* Simply create your composition, press and place in the freezer for 1 hour
* An ideal choice for people with allergies and creative kitchen bakers

Have you found yourself searching through the snack bars in the supermarket only to conclude there aren’t any without something you don’t like or can’t eat? While you may be able to suck it up and eat something you don’t enjoy in the name of healthy eating, allergies are totally different. A simple and easy fix to this problem is to start making your own granola bars with the

It puts creative control right into your hands.

The device sports a simple and easy-to-use design. There are 3 levels to the press, each of which has space for creating 2 individual bars, giving you a total of 6 bars every time you complete the process. What’s best about this granola bar press is that the choice of ingredients you put in your bars is entirely up to you. That means if you dislike coconut or have a nut allergy, you can avoid those ingredients completely.

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Bar creation is as easy as filling the six bar-shaped moulds with your choice of nuts, fruits, seeds, cereals, honey and even a few chocolate drops if you’ve been good. Then, you’ll just need to strap the levels together using the included brace. Once ready, leave them in a freezer for one hour before popping each newly-formed bar out of the moulds.

The set also includes individual storage bags for bars, which is ideal for making up a batch to last you throughout the week. And, each of the moulds is made from heat-resistant silicone, which means it can also take the heat if you choose to heat your ingredients before pressing.

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So get your thinking cap on and come up with your favorite granola bar combination at home in your own kitchen. Raspberry and almond? Peanut and pistachio? The choices are endless!