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Hot Dogs at The Push of a Button – Can You Resist?

* Pop-up hot dog toaster with adjustable settings
* Toast your hot dog buns simultaneously
* Travel back in time to the 1960s with this retro design

If the idea of delicious hot dogs ready to eat in minutes sounds like a dream, read on. The Nostalgia Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster cooks your dogs and buns with no more preparation than putting them in and pushing down, just like your normal bread toaster.

Yielding great tasting sausages time after time, the hot dog toaster is ideal for gatherings with friends or as a fast way to prepare a hot dog snack for kids.

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The hot rod red toaster features an eye-popping retro design, which looks like it arrived straight from a classic 1960s diner.

You can also pick from two different sizes. One toaster accommodates two hot dogs with buns at once, while the large size can toast up to four dogs and buns at the same time – perfect for a family of four.

The hot dog toaster works in exactly the same way as your normal bread toaster would. You place the dogs and buns in at a vertical angle, adjust the dial to the crispiness you desire and push down to start the toasting. Once cooked, your ready-to-eat hot dogs pop up. Alternatively, you can press the stop cooking button at any time.

The hot dog space is able to fit both regular and extra-plump hot dogs, too. And the removable drip tray underneath makes cleaning your toaster a breeze.

Hot dogs in minutes? It really couldn’t get any easier. Load ’em up, press the lever and enjoy delicious sausages whenever you feel the urge with the Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster.


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