Pumpkin Perfect: 8 Easy Ways To Carve a Jack O’ Lantern

Carving Pumpkin
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Halloween is just around the corner, and while the holiday might look a little different this year given the current state of the world, we’re still looking forward to purchasing a pumpkin (or five) to get us in the holiday spirit.

This season, when carving your second favorite orange fruit, skip out on the frustration, cursing and potential self-harm as you hack away with that dull steak knife. You know it never cuts the way you want it to, so why do you even keep trying? It’s time to invest in a prime pumpkin carving kit instead and get the job done as a professional pumpkin carver would.

From your favorite cartoon characters to witty sayings to the ever-so-traditional spooky carving options of pumpkins’ past, finally, be the one in control this year as you carve your next jack-o-lantern with one of these pumpkin carving kit options.


1. Professional Pumpkin Carving Kit

When it comes to pumpkin carving, go big or go home. This professional-quality kit comes with eight different pieces including pokers, knives and scoops. Each tool is made of stainless steel and is built with a durable, easy to grip handle, so you can use them year after year without fear the tools will break. The kit is completely fit for the holiday, considering it’s doused in what is essentially Halloween’s main two colors: black and orange. One thing to keep in mind is that some of these products are pretty dangerous to use, so if you’re letting your children pick away at their pumpkins with this set, parental guidance is a must.

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Professional Pumpkin Carving Kit Courtesy of Amazon


2. Premium 3 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit

Think that eight pieces might be a bit too much for this season? That’s no problem, this simple three-piece kit has all the tools you need for precision when slicing up and gutting that pumpkin. Each piece has its place, one for poking, one for scooping and one for outlining. Each tool is made with stainless steel and durable plastic to ensure this year won’t be the only year you’ll be using them. This year, make memories, not accidents.

Premium 3 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit Courtesy of Amazon


3. Dakota Products PG001 Pumpkin Gutter & Carving Tool

If you’re looking to power up, this carving tool attaches directly to any electric or cordless drill. As a bonus, the attachment is even dishwasher safe. It’s designed to remove both seeds and ugly strings quickly and effectively, but it doesn’t necessarily have any other function aside from that. Use this tool for a proper cleaning that will get the job done fast, but you’ll have to purchase another product if you want to get any actual carving done.

Dakota Products PG001 Pumpkin Gutter & Carving Tool Courtesy of Amazon


4. Sculpting Tools 11 Double-Sided Pieces with 21 Tools

Originally designed for pottery and sculpture, this comprehensive tool kit is really giving us what looks like a dentist’s tool kit. Maybe you could even use it for an interesting, spooky, doctoral-themed set-up post carving! With that being said, these tools are great for following stencils and completing more advanced carving techniques. If you’re really focused on creating a super detailed jack-o-lantern, this is absolutely the set for you.

Sculpting Tools- 11 Double-Sided Pieces with 21 Tools Courtesy of Amazon


5. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Deluxe Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

An affordable four-piece tool kit that will serve just about any of your carving needs? Yes, please. This set includes a scooper, detailer and both medium and large carvers for accurate precision. They’re each packed into a storage tray that makes it easy for you to throw these in the shed and break ’em back out when it’s time to use them the following October. Tools are suitable for children ages eight and up with supervision, so this kit has the potential to be just as fun for you as it will be for the whole family.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ Deluxe Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Courtesy of Target


6. Joyjoz Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

This kit comes with a decent chunk of ABS plastic-handled carving tools in a seasonably correct bright orange color along with two LED lights to throw inside your jack-o-lantern when it’s time to show them off. These tools are super secure and are safer to use than even your average kitchen knife, so children can use these with ease under adult supervision. The handles are also really easy to grip, so you don’t have to worry about any slippage mid-cut.

Joyjoz Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Courtesy of Amazon


7. Halloween Haunters 14 Piece Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

This professional pumpkin carving kit is ideal for those who want to do some intense carving and detailing. If you don’t feel like splurging on two separate kits to carve and detail, this 14-piece set is a great way to do both at once without having to spend the extra coin. Show off your creative ability and make your jack-o-lantern’s as expressive as you’d like with this kit — no one’s stopping you.

Halloween Haunters 14 Piece Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit Courtesy of Amazon


8. EPLST Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

If you know this is your year to win the neighborhood pumpkin carving competition, you need this stencil set. Featuring a variety of Halloween-themed cut-outs, from faces to ghosts and ghouls, it turns carving into the art form you already know it is. Tools come sold with this kit, too, so it’s definitely a two-for-one option you didn’t quite know existed. So, get some spooky carvings on.

EPLST Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Courtesy of Amazon


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