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Caterers Swear That The Secret to Perfect Brisket is This Stainless Steel Meat Trimmer

* Many cuts of meat, including brisket, can contain large amounts of fat
* This device turns hours of fat trimming into mere minutes
* It’s an ideal gift idea for barbecue lovers and the chef of the house

There are a number of elements of huge importance when it comes to preparing the perfect brisket. One such element, which is often overlooked, is ensuring your piece of meat is trimmed down so it cooks correctly. While too much fat may lead to parts of the brisket left undercooked, applying too much gusto when trimming results in the reverse. One way to ensure your meat trimming game is on point is to ask the pros for their tips and tricks, which is exactly what we did. And they told us the Qwick Trim Meat and Brisket Trimmer is the way to go.

Comparable to your kitchen vegetable peeler, this heavy duty trimmer sports a high-quality stainless steel blade for clean and quick cutting. It also has a sturdy polypropylene handle to help you stay in control during the trimming process. The trimmer’s design is completed by a loop for hanging and an aesthetic cow head on the handle’s end.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

For the best results when using the made-in-the-USA trimmer, it’s a good idea to chill your meat in the fridge before preparing it. Then, when you are ready, put one hand on the meat and one on the trimmer to allow for parallel action, helping to keep your fat removal precise and constant.

This tool isn’t just useful for removing fat either. It works well for hunters and butchers who prepare meats with large amounts of silver skin.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

This BBQ accessory is also dishwasher safe and ideal for use on all kinds of fat cap laden meats, including pork shoulder, whole rib-eye and whole strip loin. This nifty trimmer makes a great gift idea for the amateur chef in the house, any barbecue lovers and professional cooks alike.

Next time your prepping for a barbecue get together, raise your brisket game and save yourself some time by using this professionally endorsed brisket trimmer. Before you know it, you’ll become the neighbor that “cooks great brisket.”


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