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Frozen to Homemade, This Pizza Box Oven Delivers the Perfect Pie

* Tabletop pizza box for freshly cooked pizza in minutes
* Great for every pizza type, including frozen, homemade and leftovers
* Saves time with no time preheating like traditional ovens

Pizza lovers rejoice — the Pizza Box from Cuizen brings you the quickest and easiest way to enjoy freshly cooked pizza. Whether in the house or at the office, this tabletop box can prepare any kind of pizza and delivers delicious dinner in minutes.

Capable of cooking a pizza up to 12 inches in size, the Cuizen pizza box is a complete pizza cooking oven. Whether you prefer homemade creations, frozen or leftovers from last night’s delivery, the pizza box will take your pie from cool to perfectly crisp in minutes.

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In addition, cooking couldn’t be easier. Simply place your pizza on the pan inside the box, close the lid then choose your crust option and cooking time. After it’s finished, the non-stick surface makes removing your pizza simple and also helps with cleaning.

Inside, the box contains two cooking elements alongside the rotating pan to make sure your pizza is fully and evenly cooked. The quick heating elements also eliminate any preheat time that only serves to delay your pizza in traditional ovens.

To complete the pizza theme, you’ll find a cute pizza creator cartoon on the top of this white takeout box-styled oven. This time-saving device offers a simple way to get great pizza without the mess or hassle of a normal oven. Bonus: it’s super portable, meaning you can take it with you on vacation, to the cottage or over to a friend’s house for TV night and a pizza party.

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