These User-Friendly Fermenting Lids Help You Make Probiotic-Rich Foods at Home

how to ferment vegetables lids
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* This home fermenting kit is the ideal way to learn how to ferment veggies
* The kit includes 3 jar lids and has over 1200 5-star reviews on Amazon
* Great for making homemade kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut and more!

Put in complicated terms, fermenting is a metabolic process caused by the action of enzymes on organic substrates to bring about chemical changes. Put simply, fermentation changes foods and often makes them more delicious. It is perhaps best known in staples like cheese, yoghurt and beer. But many other foods can also be fermented, including vegetables. Dishes like sauerkraut, kimchi and pickled veg are all the product of fermenting. And, not only do these things taste better than the originals, they are also stuffed full of healthy probiotics.

Probiotics are good bacteria, which work to promote gut health, weight loss and disease immunities. Vegetables and other fermented products are filled with them. This means the next time you’re tucking into a delicious plate of fermented goodness, you can feel good about what you’re eating.

how to ferment vegetables lids Image courtesy of Amazon

The Easy Fermenter Kit lets you take on fermenting in the comfort of your own home. It includes 3 jar lids with specially designed valves for the fermentation process. The kit also includes the required weights, an oxygen extractor pump and easy-to-follow instructions, making the process of using the kit simple enough for even beginners to follow. To use the kit, you will need to supply your own fermenting jars and the vegetables you want to ferment, of course.

One of the major keys to the success of the Easy Fermenter is the advanced design of the lids. Many competitors offer a valve system, but none do it with such precision. And precision is really the most important thing when it comes to fermenting. The lids sport airtight gaskets and a one-way valve to ensure the building carbon dioxide can escape but no oxygen can enter, preventing any possible mold growth inside. You’ll also find date setters on each lid, negating the need for stick-on labels. When the process is complete, there’s an easy-release tab to make lid removal effortless. Nourished Essentials really have thought of everything.  

how to ferment vegetables lids Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition to the practical elements that come with the kit, you’ll also find a recipe book with 20 recipes included. Your purchase also comes with a membership to the Easy Fermenter’s Fermenting Club where you will find additional recipes, video guides and ebooks. In the club, you’ll also have a place to post any questions you have about how to ferment vegetables. Many of these questions are actually answered by a fermenting master.

how to ferment vegetables lids Image courtesy of Amazon

With probiotics at the height of their popularity, it’s really about time to give fermenting a go. Whether you’ve always thought about it and never gotten around to fermenting at home or you simply had never considered it as an idea, the Easy Fermenter is for really easy enough for everyone.


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