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This $11 Kit Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In a Bowl

* The AvoSeedo makes growing your own avocado tree simple
* Save money by growing this superfood yourself
* The durable seed boat can be reused over and over for numerous growing attempts

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own tree filled with avocados? The AvoSeedo Bowl is an innovative kit that makes kick-starting your very own avocado farm easy. You may have tried the three toothpick method in the past, but this simple and easy-to-use kit will have your avocado seeds sprouting in no time (well, actually, in about 3-6 weeks).

The kit is comprised of the AvoSeedo boat, which has space for a single avocado seed. Once you place the seed inside, the boat should be put on water to float. This is the ideal location for successful germination of your seed. The boat is also avocado-shaped for a fun and appealing look, making this a great gift idea and activity for kids and adults alike.

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In addition, the boats come in a range of four colors, namely green, blue, clear and pink. You’ll also receive small flags for easy identification of your seeds and for noting down the start date, names and breed of the avocado inside. These boats are non-toxic and made from a tough and durable plastic which will last for years, allowing you to start plenty of seeds.

The initial cracking of the avocado seed can take up to 6 weeks, so patience is definitely required in the growing process. But, with the right amount of care and the correct temperature, around 90% of avocado pits will eventually start to grow.

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Avocados are one of nature’s superfoods and full of healthy fats. Eating them on a regular basis is good for you in a number of ways, so having your own supply in your kitchen is a simple way to ensure you get all the nutrition you need. And, even if you don’t wish to really want to take plant your germinated seed in the hope of growing a full avocado tree, the AvoSeedo Kit is a great way to teach kids about seed growth without any obstructing soil.

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