SPY Guide: How to Host a Healthy Super Bowl Party

how to host a healthy super
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After a year of sitting on our couches, it’s time for the national holiday for it. Super Bowl LV is on Sunday, February 7th and this year’s match-up is the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (hello, Tom Brady — we meet again). Every year, the Super Bowl means the ultimate excuse to park yourself on your couch and engorge on pizza, nachos, wings and all those other delicious, cheesy, greasy, heavenly snacks that are irrevocably tied to football. The thing is this year, surprise surprise, is different. After a whole year of sitting on your couch and stress-eating takeout while the news, election results and COVID tallies in your local county are reported you might want a break from the salty goodness. If not, that’s totally fine — you do you! This article is not meant to guilt-trip anyone into eating healthier, at least not until the vaccines are widespread and we can breathe again. Instead, I want to help our anyone who wants to make the Super Bowl a healthier affair this year.

If you’re thinking of having a get together with your pod, first of all please do it safely. Try not to gather in super large groups right now, and make sure you’re abiding by your state/local county’s guidelines about gatherings. Second, if you’re wanting to shed a few of those quarantine pounds but still enjoy the game — rest assured there are many ways to do so. Here’s your official SPY guide for how to throw a healthy super bowl party — in 2021 no less.

In this article we’re going to cover:

  • healthier/non-alcoholic beverage options that’ll still tease your senses
  • healthy Super Bowl snacks
  • healthy Super Bowl party activities that’ll get you moving during those commercial breaks

Part I: Beverages

1. Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

For every beer or adult beverage you consume, you really should chase it with some water. Not only will it help curb the desire to snack on unhealthy foods, more importantly, it’ll decrease the likelihood of a hangover come Monday morning by, you know, keeping you hydrated. This pack of 24 bottles is not the most environmental option, but unfortunately it is what is most COVID-safe at the moment as everyone drinks out of their own container and there’s minimal touching of glasses.

pure life water amazon, how to host a healthy super bowl party Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Curious Elixirs Booze-Free Cocktails

Another great option on a healthier Super Bowl Sunday that’s still tasty is a great mocktail. Curious Elixirs is all about making high-quality alcohol-free cocktails that are easier than pie to enjoy. They’ve got five different cocktail varieties that all have a slightly different taste, this one, Number 1, is their ode to a Negroni. No matter what you or your guests prefer, they’ve got something that’ll satisfy. They use a superfood and adaptogenic blend to help you unwind without the added sugar and hangover of real booze.

curious elixirs mocktails, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Curious Elixirs


3. Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer

Beer is a classic Super Bowl Sunday staple, so if you still want that beer taste without all the calories, bloat and headache go with an alcohol-free brew. The alcohol is burned off in the production process without watering down the flavor too much so you still get the bubbles, hops and classic crafty taste you’re used to. Athletic Brewing, started by athletes who wanted to drink without it affecting their exercise regimen, is one of the best options out there, and this golden ale is perfect for the big game.

Athletic Brewing golden ale, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Drizly


Part II: Food/Snacks

4. COSORI 5.8QT Electric Air Fryer

Okay, my first recommendation in this category is not a food item, but rather a method for preparing healthier Super Bowl Sunday snacks that still have the crunch you want. Air fryers are a revelation, and if you haven’t gotten on the train yet you must. This air fryer uses 85% less fat than traditional fryers to create fries, tater tots, onion rings and other fried foods with the same taste but way fewer calories. It comes with 11 different presents built into it for perfectly cooking everything from shrimp to root vegetables, bacon, bread and even desserts. Trust me, this will quickly become your trusty steed for your healthy Super Bowl party and many days afterwards.

COSORI air fryer, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Amazon


5. 365 by Whole Foods Market Plant-Based Burgers

Going meatless for the burgers at your Super Bowl party is another way to make the whole affair healthier! These veggie burgers from Whole Foods have great reviews, and are still packed with the flavorful umami you want between the bun without all the fat and cholesterol that regular meat has. These have a hint of smokiness as well, can be grilled like regular burgers and piled with your favorite toppings.

365 plant-based burgers, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Amazon


3. Siete Sea Salt Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

If you’ve never tasted these, you’re missing out. Are they exactly like regular tortilla chips? Nope. They might even be better — because they’re got the light, airy, salty taste without the heaviness you can get from eating too many. You can easily eat a whole bag of these without feeling crappy — so make sure you get a couple for your friends to enjoy as well. They go great with any dip you can think of, and are made with avocado oil and other natural ingredients.

Siete tortilla chips, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Amazon


4. Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals

Snacking is part of the Super Bowl watching experience and with the help of Suzanne Lenzer it can be a healthier one too. Lenzer’s Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals is filled with recipes for a range of small plates that can be pulled together quickly and easily and served as a meal, not just individual snacks.

Graze cookbook, how to host a healthy super bowl party Image courtesy of Amazon


Part III: Activities

1. Goodminton

With advertisers releasing Super Bowl spots days before the actual game, you may want to consider some alternative activities for those commercial breaks. Rather than eating or drinking, how about a game of badminton, or in this case, a game of Goodminton? It’s basically badminton, but with ping pong style paddles and feathered shuttlecocks.

Goodminton paddle game, how to host a healthy super bowl party Image courtesy of Amazon


2. GoSports Cornhole Set

Another fantastic game for throwing a few bags around while the commercials or boring halftime show is underway? Cornhole. It’s perfect if your party is outside, and is super easy to learn if someone doesn’t already know the rules. This rustic set comes with two 3’x2′ boards and eight all-weather beanbags.

GoSports Cornhole set, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Amazon


3. Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game

Another great game for getting people off the couch and moving around a little? Darts. This magnetic dart board takes the danger out of the experience, and comes with 12 durable, magnetic darts that’ll stick every time without posing a hazard. This board also has little numbers in the red and green sections to remind you of how many points you get, and it comes with a keyhole slot on the back so it’s easy to hang.

magnetic dart board game, how to host a healthy super bowl party Courtesy of Amazon