10 Must-Haves For Hosting Friendsgiving This Year

Friendsgiving dinner
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* Everything you need to make sure your Friendsgiving is a success
* From table decor, to photo-booth props your table will surely be Insta-worthy
* Surprise all your friends with how prepared you are for the day of thanks

 November is a time of year for gathering, eating good food, and for being thankful.  When it comes to hosting your first Friendsgiving, it can be overwhelming with all the food you need to make, and preparation required to do it. Luckily we have come up with ten essential items that will make sure your Friendsgiving is fun, delicious and Instagram-worthy. Having the right tools will make your life easier, and will make the day go smoother.

1.Dressy Disposable Dishware

Thanksgiving is a time where people normally bring out their fancy china dishware. If you are having a large group of friends over and the alcohol is flowing, an expensive plate or two is bound to break. It’s a safer to use aesthetically pleasing dishware that’s also shatter-proof. Best of all, these plates can be thrown away once used, which means less dishes for you do at the end of the night.

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2. Festive Table Runner

A festive table runner and nicely set table will make you look like you are winning at adulting and will fool all your friends into thinking hosting this year was a piece of cake for you to put together. It will also make all the pictures your friends take of all of the food look aesthetic AF.


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3. Turkey Platter

When you are at the store buying ingredients for four different recipes it can be hard to remember all of the things you will need. A turkey platter is a must. Turkey platter’s are significantly bigger than most platters you might own so it’s important to make sure you have a durable, dishwasher, and oven safe turkey platter that is big enough for a big bird.

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4. Beverage Dispenser

Making a festive cocktail that all your friends can drink and poor for themselves will save you time and money. Having a large beverage dispenser will also allow for people to easily get up and access the drink whenever they need without having to ask someone to pass it all the way down the table.


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5. Drink Labels

Drink labels are something that will come of great use. If your coworker Jessica is just getting over a cold, and your brother John is also there and he has a big interview next week it’s important drinks don’t get mixed up. These drink labels are a fun way to have people mark which drink is their’s without ruining the cup or without making you use plastic cups.

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6. To-Go Boxes

You will most definitely have leftovers after the big bash, and you won’t want two weeks of turkey and stuffing all to yourself. Your friends will want some leftovers, but you don’t want them taking all your nice tupperware you use for meal prepping. Disposable to-go boxes are the way to go in this case. These particular to-go boxes are easy to open and close and are a great size, allowing for a decent amount of leftovers to fit.

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7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable speaker will allow for you to put the tunes right next to the table. Depending on the design of your place, the TV isn’t always near the dinning room table. This Bluetooth speaker will make it easy for any of your friends to connect their devices if people want to take turns being the DJ.

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8. Card Game

Games are an essential part to throwing a fun Friendsgiving celebration. Cards Against Humanity is a classic card game that will have your friends laughing till their belly is aching and blushing at the same time. This card game will get people opening up and talking to one another.

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9. Insta-worthy Photo Props

Photo props will add an extra element to your Friendsgiving that people will love. These photo props will make all your photos of the night memorable, and adorable. This particular set of props comes with a total of five props that are durable and won’t rip or break after just a couple pictures.

Photo Booth Props Image Courtesy of Amazon


10. Turkey Cooking Kit

Other than a turkey platter, (and obviously a turkey) a turkey cooking kit is also a Friendsgiving essential that will make your life easier. When reading a turkey recipe several of them will tell you to measure the inside temperature of the turkey, and to baste the turkey. This turkey kit comes with a thermometer, baster, flavor injector, and oven bags

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