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Freshness Hacks: 9 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Fruits and Vegetables

* Fruit and vegetables are usually first types of food to end up in garbage due to spoilage
* We have found some fruit and vegetable life extenders to help save your food
* Save money by throwing out less food

We all know most food products have a shelf life–fruits and veggies having one of the shortest life spans on the market. In fact, the equivalent of $165 billion dollars in produce is wasted and thrown out each year. So as not to feel like we are wasting so much food and money, we scoured the net to find some of the top food preservation systems and gadgets that promise to extend the life of your produce, if only for an extra day or two.

1. Onion Saver

The Hutzler Onion Saver contains onion odors within its rounded shell while keeping cut onions fresh and moist. Made to look like an onion, the Onion Saver will never get lost in the fridge or forgotten. The two sides simply attach by a twist lock, and the saver is dishwasher safe and BPA free.


2. Avocado Keeper and Storage Container

Never waste leftover avocados again. The Joie Avocado Keeper allows you to store leftover avocado halves to ensure they stay fresh, firm and odor free. Also prevents browning.


3. Fruit Life Extender Liner

The Fruit Life Extender Liner keeps produce fresher longer with its open-cell, foam material that allows air to circulate beneath food in refrigerator drawers. Fruits and veggies stay crisp and full of flavor longer.

[caption id="attachment_70726" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Food Extender Liner Bandwagon Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


4. Banana Bag

Another option for produce storage is the Banana Bag. The airtight design of the bag drastically slows down the ripening process and can extend the freshness of fruit and vegetables by up to two weeks. Simply place your produce into the bag, pull tight and place in the fridge to keep your food fresher longer. Made from easy to clean nylon with a bright yellow color so you never forget the food stored in your fridge.


5. Farberware Food Huggers

Food Huggers by Farberware is a set of four reusable silicone food covers that help preserve the freshness of leftover fruits and vegetables. Simply push the leftover half of the food down into the closest-sized hugger and save it in the fridge until you need to use it again. The food hugger works by creating a seal to hold in the natural juices and prevent exposure to circulating air, which contributes to food spoilage or dehydration. Works great on dry items like nuts, candy and cereals too.


6. Produce Mesh Bags Hanging Storage

These reusable fruit and vegetable mesh bags provide convenient hanging storage for produce such as potatoes, onions, peppers, fruits and garlic. Made from polyester, the mesh is breathable and aids to prevent the growth of bacteria. The bottom of the bags has a hole with a Velcro fastener to allow for easy access and prevent items from falling out.


7. Herb Saver

Herbs are one of the hardest types of produce to keep fresh. Recipes only call for a minimal amount and you are usually left with a large bundle that gets placed in a plastic bag to spoil in your drawer. The Hutzler Herb Saver is the perfect way to store fresh herbs by providing a 3-piece set that includes a base to be filled with water, a holder ring for keeping herbs in place and a cover to keep them clean and dust free. This device stores them at the optimum vapor pressure and humidity that keeps them fresh longer.


8. Fruit and Vegetable Freshness Extender

Lastly, we have the Fruit and Vegetable Freshness Extender by fresh’n crisp. This innovative product extends the life of your product by absorbing and neutralizing the ethylene gas that accelerates aging in your produce to prolong their life and freshness, similar to a baking soda box. Simply place the extender wherever you put your produce or other foods and let it work its magic.

[caption id="attachment_70737" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Fruit Vegetable Extender Fresh Crisp Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


9. Produce Saver Food Storage Container

The Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container has a built in FreshVent lid filter to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to help keep your produce fresh up to 80% longer. This creates the best environment for your produce which means fewer trips to the grocery store and more savings for your wallet.