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Keep Your Baked Goods Nice & Warm For Guests With This “Blanket”

* This cloth box keeps baked good warm for over three hours
* Features a microwavable flaxseed pack for heat
* Great for parties or potluck creations

Room-temp baked goods just don’t compare to warm pie, gooey cinnamon rolls, and hot muffins. But when you’re waiting for guests or transporting your creation to the potluck, keeping your desert warm is tough. Thankfully, we found a solution that lets everyone enjoy your baked goods as they deserve to be eaten.

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Image courtesy of UncommonGoods

This baked goods warming box keeps everything nice and toasty on your counter or in the car thanks to a heatable flaxseed-filled pack. Take out this removable flaxseed pack when your creation is ready, and stick it in the microwave for one minute. Then, place the pack in the bottom of the charming bakers’ box, and place your baked goods on top. This will keep them warm for over three hours and can be easily transported without any trouble.

It’s great for pies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and any other warm, delicious thing you can make. Plus, the actual bakers’ box is made of a durable cotton and polyester blend, so you can wash it and store it in a small space when you’re done.


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