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This $15 Coffee Maker Lets You Make Your K-Cups In The Microwave

* Handy coffee maker is great for on-the-go brewing
* Microwave-ready design lets you brew in minutes
* Works with most K-cup packs

Portable, affordable and extra adorable, this handy coffee maker whips up the perfect cup o’ Joe in minutes so you don’t have to waste time waiting for your morning brew. It’s so good you’re likely to forget about your old pour over maker or handy espresso machine.

The super sleek design is incredibly compact and easy to use. You can enjoy a hot cup anywhere — at work, at school, even in the car. It’s also great for camping and day-long hikes. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to start brewing a great cup, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time waiting for your coffee.

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Simply heat a little water (either on the stove or microwave — yes, this coffee maker is actually microwavable) and then place your own K-cup on top for an instant drip coffee. Great for drinking a good cup of coffee on the go, it’s an easy (and smart) way to brew your coffee without having to waste time waiting for the water to heat up and your spout to start dripping.

Best of all, cleanup is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. Simply dump the K-cup out, rinse the base and you’re good to go.

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And if you’re not a coffee connoisseur, the Presto can also be used for hot cocoa, tea and more. Small enough to fit in most bags, this handy coffee maker is sure to be every coffee lover’s greatest accessory. And at under $15, it’s also one of the most affordable.

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