How To Make Your Own Cold Brew

How To Make Your Own Cold

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The basic person drinks iced coffee. Want to be less basic? Learn how to make cold brew.

Whereas iced coffee is literally hot coffee dumped over ice, cold brew uses coarsely ground beans, cold water and a much longer steep time (at least 12 hours). By slowing down the extraction process, you’re bringing out more flavors of the coffee. Plus: that bitterness you associate with java? Gone, since it’s usually heat that activates the bitter compounds. By not exposing the beans to heat, you’re left with a sweet, aromatic cup of cold refreshing coffee that will be your go-to all summer long.

You can make cold brew using your French press (just soak the grounds in cold water and refrigerate overnight before pressing). But for a better version you can make at home, check out this tried and true version for the best-tasting cold brew.

glass jar gallon

1 Gallon Jar Container (Glass preferable)
8 oz. Freshly Ground Coffee
1 Filter (12×12 Nut Milk Bag)



1. Grind coffee
2. Put the coffee grounds into the filter and tie it up like a tea bag
3. Place the filter into the container
4. Add one gallon of cold water
5. Put in the fridge for 12 hours
6. Take out the filter and squeeze it to get excess coffee into the jug
7. Pour over ice and enjoy

This recipe will make one gallon of cold brew and lasts up to two weeks in the fridge. Add water to dilute if too strong, and add your choice of milk and sugar to taste. Enjoy!

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