Why Pay $7 For a Cold Brew When You Can Make it at Home?

how to make cold brew coffee
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* This coffee pot allows you to make your own at-home cold brew
* The design features a filter to prevent the need to separate out the grounds
* The 4-cup capacity is ideal for families and coffee fanatics

If you haven’t heard about cold brew coffee, where have you been? The preparation of this type of coffee is, unsurprisingly, cold. And while that may seem like nothing special, it turns out that brewing coffee for longer periods and at room temperature produces flavors that cannot be achieved any other way. But because cold brew tastes amazing and takes awhile to make, the coffee shop price of a cup is enough to put off even the most avid coffee drinker. No one really wants to spend $7 on a cup of coffee. For that reason, cold brew fanatics are going to love this Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker .

This BPA-free pitcher sports an airtight lid and non-slip handle. This easy-to-use design makes it simple to produce a delicious cold brew from any type of coffee grounds. Each brewing process makes up to 4 servings of coffee, which is great news for a busy household. And, as the cold water process used by this cold brew coffee maker is less acidic than your traditional brewing methods, you can expect a coffee filled with a mellower, deeper coffee taste.

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Because the design features a fine-mesh central coffee filter, the coffee grounds remain separated from your freshly brewed pot of coffee even during the pouring process. The modest size also means you can store your coffee maker in most fridge doors for the option of an iced coffee throughout the day.

The process of using the coffee maker couldn’t be easier, either. Simply add your coffee grounds into the central filter. Then lower it into the pitcher filled with water, seal the airtight lid, shake it well and leave it in a refrigerator for anything from eight to 36 hours, depending on your preferences.

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If you’re still not sure about whether the coffee maker can be as good as it sounds, it’s worth checking out the 1,900+ 5-star reviews from customers who love these iced coffee makers.

how to make cold brew coffee maker Image courtesy of Amazon

Forget about heading to your local cafe for a $7 cup of cold brew and instead enjoy freshly made coffee in the comfort of your home. But, we’ve saved the best news for last. This coffee maker is available for under $20, meaning it will have paid for itself after you make just one batch of cold brew.


It’s Time To Start Making Your Cold Brew At Home