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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Help You Make Tricky Egg Dishes Like a Brunch Master

* Cooking perfect eggs at home is a culinary art
* These kitchen gadgets help you master the art with a few helping hands
* Includes cookers for scrambled and poached-style eggs

Cooking perfect eggs is a real art. If you’ve ever had bad eggs, you’ll know imperfect eggs can easily ruin brunch. The opposite is equally true. Delicious eggs can steal the show. Whether you love poached, scrambled or any other preparation, learning to cook eggs well is something you’ll never regret.

However, if you find yourself without the time or culinary flair to master the art of cooking eggs, there’s no need to worry. These 5 kitchen gadgets help you achieve the end result without the tricky part in between. Each device simplifies egg cooking so much that even a complete amateur can achieve outstanding eggs without issue.

So forget serving up something that looks like the cat just threw it up and instead deliver delicious, perfectly cooked eggs every time they’re on the menu. Whether you prefer scrambled or poached, there’s a device to help you out.

1. Old Home Kitchen Microwave Eggs n’ Muffin Cooker


will have your eggs perfectly cooked and ready to eat in one minute flat. The plastic device has space for one or two eggs and includes a plastic top to prevent unwanted egg splatter all over your microwave. It’s easy to add delicious toppings like cheese, bacon or vegetables for a more complex meal. Alternatively, keep it simple and add the eggs to a tasty sandwich. Your eggs also cook with less fat using this microwave cooker for a healthier breakfast option.

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2. ELShen Microwave Egg Poacher

One of the hardest egg disciplines to master is poaching. However, the

has already mastered the skill for you. To work it, simply half fill it with cold water, crack your egg or eggs and then cover it and microwave. This poacher is made from BPA-free plastic, is resistant to high temperatures and comes in a choice of blue or orange. Whether you’re making a delicious salad or creating a whole new dish, the ELShen Poacher is a great gadget to have in your kitchen.

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3. Allstar Innovations Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker

If you like the idea of cooking your eggs in a container you can use on the go, the

is the choice for you. To use it, simply crack and mix your egg in the container, cover it, microwave it and then enjoy your tasty eggs right from the cooker itself. This unique ceramic cooker features a non-slip bottom so it won’t slip of any counter surfaces. Plus, using this cooker saves on the washing up of other pans, dishes or spatulas. The device is capable of cooking up to 4 delicious eggs at a time, which is plenty enough for a family meal.

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4. Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher

Perhaps the hardest thing about poaching an egg is the timing. Too early and it’s runny. Too late and it’s solid. These

make the task easier by hanging on the side of your boiling pan to give you an easy view of your eggs as they cook. They sport adjustable hooks for different sized pots and include plastic handles so they’re never too hot to handle. They’re also dishwasher safe and made with holes in the bottom so draining your eggs is easy.

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5. ExcelSteel Non-Stick Cooktop Egg Poacher

With over 900 5-star reviews from Amazon users, the

is one of the most popular egg cooking options on our list. It’s constructed out of tough stainless steel and sports 4 egg poaching cups, enough for the whole family. The stay cool handle ensures you can always pick it up without worry, and the pan and egg cups are all dishwasher safe.

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