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You’ll Be Boiled Over By This $10 Egg Timer, Which Makes Perfect Eggs Every Time

* Stress-free way of making eggs
* Choose from soft, hard or medium boiled
* A sure-fire kitchen tool you’ll use over and over again

There’s never a time for poorly prepared eggs. But, you can ensure egg-cellent (sorry, had to) results every time with the ColorShift Egg Timer. It cooks up soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs in no time. And, the results are delicious.

Unlike ordinary timers, the ColorShift works so well because it actually measures the temperature of the water you’re cooking the eggs in instead of the time. This makes a big difference. And, it makes egg prep as simple as watching water boil. As it cooks, the orange face of the timer automatically changes color indicating the rigidity of the egg’s yolk. You’ll know in an instant when it has been cooked to your liking. Then, just take it out of the pot. It couldn’t be easier. Even for kids.

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No more undercooking. No more overcooking. No more surprises when you crack the shells. Eggs turn out exactly how you like them.  Even during those busy times in the kitchen when you have several other foods cooking and get distracted, you can stop watching the water boil and just glance over at the bright color-changing timer.


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The ColorShift Egg Timer is safe to cook in because it’s made from 100-percent BPA free and made of durable, food-safe, non-toxic polyresin, so it won’t affect the taste of your eggs or rough up your pots.

One of the most innovative cooking gadgets we’ve seen, the Egg Timer has a 4.2-star rating from dozens of satisfied customers (and home chefs) on Amazon. It also makes a great gift for everyone – from college students to family housewarmings.

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