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SPY Guide: How to Make Hard Cider at Home

* Hard Cider is a tart, refreshing drink for Fall
* These straightforward at-home brew kits are simple and efficient
* Brew several gallons to share with your friends at the next holiday party

Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and Fall is now officially upon us. Hard apple cider is a great drink to warm you up, and is quickly growing in popularity across America.

Similar in taste to the original, non-alcoholic beverage, only with a bit of an adult “kick,” hard apple cider is created when yeast is added to apple juice, and allowed to ferment for several weeks. Whether you’re new to the drink or a seasoned taster, these kits by nationally-recognized brewing companies provide simple, straightforward steps, as well as all the necessary equipment, to make your own cider at home.

Plus, each kit produces several gallons of cider, making it a more affordable alternative to buying six-packs, as well as an easy to share hack or gift to impress your friends with. Here are the best kits to get.

1. Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit

Designed for beginners, this easy-to-use kit has everything you need, including a reusable glass fermenter, and you only need to add your choice of non-alcoholic apple cider or juice. Follow the instructions and accompanying videos and make up to three batches of cider, which you can serve room temperature, chilled or even warmed up.

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Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Brew Shop[/caption]


2. Northern Brewer Crooked Apple Complete Hard Cider Starter Kit

This kit by Northern Brewer includes their signature apple juice recipe, which is 100% juice and has no additives or preservatives. Their fermenters are also made of glass, and built for longevity, plus their transparency allows you to brew to your desired shade.

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Image Courtesy of Northern Brewer[/caption]


3. Cider, Hard and Sweet: History, Traditions, and Making Your Own 

To ensure you’re well-read before brewing, explore this book by Ben Watson that discusses the historical and cultural significance of cider, as well as insider tips and tricks to making the best hard apple cider at home. You can also enrich your cider-making experience with fun facts. Did you know: in the year of 1767 in Massachusetts, an average of 35 gallons  of cider was consumed per person. Now that’s a fun start to fall.

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Image Courtesy of Countryman Press[/caption]

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