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The Pancake Bot Lets You Print Custom Designs on Your Breakfast

* Prints and cooks pancakes in custom shapes
* BPA-free batter dispense
* Removable griddle and easy-to-use controller

The Pancake Bot, from the startup company, StoreBound, lets you print a custom pancake in any shape of your choosing. An invention set to bring a whole new artistic repertoire to the breakfast table, the Pancake Bot includes a nonstick griddle printing surface, a BPA-free batter dispenser and software that lets you upload images from your computer or design your own pancake masterpiece. It also comes with a set of pre-loaded shapes for inspiration. Easy-to-figure-out instructions make this tool a great way to teach kids about new technology, too, and a delicious introduction to the basic principles of 3D printing.

Thanks to its innovative design and super user-friendly interface, this pancake bot is set to make its mark on the world of flat, doughy breakfast foods. It also includes lots of instructions and ideas for customizing the batter to your liking; learn the art of the ideal pancake, whether you prefer buckwheat or white flour, a thin crepe-like consistency or the more hearty, grainy texture of the flapjack.

The pancake bot has an SD card reader for easy uploading and translation of image files from the included software. The software itself works on Mac OSX or Windows. Make sure you have an SD card handy; the SDHC or SDXC cards typically bundled with digital cameras work great. Users can join in the pancake conversation by uploading images of their creations onto Pancake Bot’s website. So if you’re an aspiring Crepe Cezanne or the Basquiat of Batter, you’ll have a chance to share your masterpieces with other users. The griddle portion and batter dispenser is removable for easy cleanup, too.

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