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SPY Guide: How to Make Your Own Pasta at Home

* Pasta makers, cutters and more
* Easy to follow instructions
* Simple solutions for savory dishes

Ever wonder why pasta at home never comes close to the pasta you enjoy in the restaurant? One reason is because instead of dry noodles out of box, the best restaurants serve fresh pasta made from scratch in their kitchen. Here’s how you can do it in your home.

1. Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel

Get your pasta in shape with the Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel. It’s ideal for pasta, lattice crusts or making decorative cuts of any kind in pastries or cookie dough.


2. Bellemain Large Wood Pasta Drying Rack

Once your noodles are made, you need to let them dry. The Bellemain Large Wood Pasta Drying Rack will dry your pasta faster while taking up less space. (Makes a great conversation piece too)



3. Making Artisan Pasta

“Making Artisan Pasta” is your guide to learning how to use the best ingredients and simple, classic techniques to make fresh, homemade pasta in your own kitchen. Inside, you’ll find recipes for pasta doughs made completely from scratch and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for rolling, shaping, and stuffing dough.


4. Marcato Pasta Maker

This is the grand-daddy of pasta makers. Marcato’s Original World-Famous Atlas Pasta Machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for making traditional lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini at home. It’s made in Italy from stainless steel and is easy to use and clean.

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