How To Beat It Better: 6 New Hacks For Scrambled Eggs

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* Time saving hacks for your breakfast quick-fix
* Yes, you can make decent eggs in the microwave
* Plus, cool whisks and one of the world’s cutest breakfast spatulas

When it comes to breakfast, if you’re looking to follow the advice of the great Devo and “whip it good,” these new hacks will help you beat, scramble, fry and otherwise prepare your eggs and/or vegan egg substitutes. Plus, see how it’s actually possible to make decent breakfast in the microwave.

1. Microwave Egg Poacher

Poached eggs in the microwave? With this innovative, inductive heating “pod,” you can cook Hollandaise-ready poached eggs or fluffy scrambles in just moments using a plain old microwave.

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2. Non-Stick Omelet Maker

This handy omelet maker comes with a recipe E-book and is make of BPA-free non-stick materials, making it super easy to clean.

Omelete maker Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Easy Eggs to Go

Want an egg sandwich but don’t have time to prep the grill and / or a desire to deal with grill cleanup? This microwave gizmo makes perfectly sandwich-ready eggs in minutes with minimal cleanup.

Easy Eggs Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Icyang Stainless Whisk

This stainless steel coil spring whisk shows off the ingenuity of an elegant, simple, traditional device. Trivia for gear head chefs: the classical whisk is technically an example of a gear-reduction device, kind of like an overdrive transmission.

Whisk Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Oxo Good Grips

This mixer by Oxo comes with removable “beaters,” for easy cleaning, and features an elegant two-tone finish. Great for making your own whipped cream, soufflés or merengue as well.

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6. Joie Spatula

This adorable compact spatula has a funny cartoon egg handle. It’s also the perfect size to flip an egg without breaking the yolk.

joie Spatula Image Courtesy Amazon