Get These Two Items and Never Struggle To Crack a Coconut Again

how to open a coconut
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* Open a coconut safely and effectively without creating a mess
* Strong and durable tools to keep in your kitchen cupboard
* Easy to use and clean

By now, we all know the benefits of drinking coconut water. It’s refreshing either alone or as an ingredient in a shake, and it’s always better straight from the coconut. So we found the two best tools for you to use to get that coconut to open not only faster, but safer, so you can take full advantage of its health benefits — including getting that water. No more using knives or crazy tools just to open that hard-shelled fruit.

1. Hamilton Coconut Opener Set

This Coconut Opener Set includes a stainless steel hammer that is custom-made to open the fruit easier and faster, which also makes it flexible to use for anyone. This brand takes user-friendly to another level. With this opener, you won’t have to worry about getting hurt by using dangerous tools such as a knife or using a lot of strength. Just hit the front end of the tool with the hammer then pry down and remove the tool. The unique angle of the tool creates a larger hole on the coconut. So if you’ve never opened a coconut before, this opener has you covered.

But if you’re a coconut veteran, you’re going to need something sturdy. Because this opener is custom-made for the delicious, healthy fruit, you won’t have to worry about breaking it. The set is also lightweight which makes it flexible to travel with. There’s also not much sharpness to the tool, making it safe to carry around. With this in mind, you have one less worry for your next tropical getaway.

how to open a coconut Image courtesy of Amazon


2. The Coconut Tool Stainless Steel Coconut Meat Removal Knife

Once you’re done cracking the coconut open, it’s time to take advantage of the health benefits including protein, amino acids and fiber, which comes from the meat in the shell.

With The Coconut Tool, you can easily remove the meat out of the coconut within 90 seconds or less. The heavy duty, stainless steel blade was specifically designed to slide between the coconut meat and shell with ease. As you loosen the meat from the shell, rotate the coconut with your hand a few times until the meat is completely off the shell. Shave it into your favorite smoothie or bowl, or snack on a few pieces to satisfy your sweet tooth.

How to open a coconut Image Courtesy of Amazon

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