Candy Land: 10 International Sweets You Can Order Online

green tea kit kat
Photo by Solent News/REX/Shutterstock (5609298d) Green tea 300 flavours of Kit Kat in Japan - Mar 2016 *Full story: The Japanese are so in love with Kit Kats they now have 300 flavours for the iconic chocolate bar - including wasabi, soybean flour and cheese. The Nestle factory in Japan has created a vast range of different flavours to accommodate the high demand for unusual treats. Their unique bars also include chocolate with green tea, purple sweet potato, soy sauce, apple, hot Japanese chilli and traditional miso. All of the snacks have been created at the Nestle factory in Kasumigaura, Ibaraki, Japan and the only two varieties which failed the taste test and were not created by producers were 'curry' and 'tomato'. A Nestle Japan spokesman said: "Japanese consumers are basically sensitive for seasonal changes and want to enjoy seasonal food.
Photo by Solent News/REX/Shutterstock
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* Decadent candies and chocolate from around the world
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* Surprise your guests and friends with a sweet treat they’ve never had before

If you are sick of the traditional stateside candy selection(s) and looking for more unique options, continue reading below.

We have uncovered 10 hard-to-find and highly-coveted international candy options that will easily replace that stale Snickers bar any day. The unique flavors and textures of these international treats are what draws us to them and their decadent gratification keeps us coming back. The best part? These are all easily accessible with just the click of a button.

1. El Almendro

El Amendro Soft Almond Turron is an almond confection from Spain. Made from egg whites, honey and roasted almonds, El Amendro is a traditional Christmas dessert that makes a great seasonal treat. Try and enjoy for the upcoming holiday season.

Candy El Almendro Image Courtesy World Market

El Almendro Soft Almond Turron



2. Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

Kit Kat is the ultimate American candy bar. Usually eaten as a snack and available almost everywhere, this cookie wafer candy is always a satisfying treat. Japan’s version takes it up a notch with the addition of their traditional sweet matcha green tea flavor which is mixed with the crisp cookie wafers and topped with smooth white chocolate. One of the more popular flavors in Japan, this candy is available in limited supply here stateside as well. Stock up!

10 Best International Candies Available Online Image Courtesy World Market

Nestle Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bar



3. Bali’s Best Latte Candy

While Bali is known more for its beaches than for their candy, their Best Latte Candy is a real treat. Each individually-wrapped candy is made from real gourmet coffee that is center-filled with rich creamy latte flavor. The frothy, milky center is a pleasant surprise and is well balanced with the coffee flavor’s bold and earthy notes. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, these work great anytime of day.

Candy Bali's Best Latte Image Courtesy World Market

Bali's Best Latte Candy - Pack of 6



4. Ferraro Duplo Bars

While Ferrero candy is no stranger to the states, their German Duplo bars are not so readily available. These bars are a cross between a candy bar and cookie, with wafers covered in chocolate and smooth hazelnut cream layered throughout. These individually-wrapped bars are a great snack to throw in your bag or put them in refrigerator for a uniquely chilled experience.

Candy Ferraro Duplo Bars Image Courtesy World Market

Ferraro Duplo Bars - Pack of 2



5. Schluckwerder Marzipan Fruit

Schluckwerder is one of the world’s leading confectioners, creating specialty chocolate, marzipan and other sweets. Their Marzipan Fruit pack is made from traditional German almond marzipan formed into realistic and assorted fruit shapes that are almost too pretty to eat. These would make a unique stocking stuffer or gift for anyone in your life who appreciates unexpected treats.

Candy Schluckwerder Marzipan Fruit Image Courtesy World Market

Schluckwerder Marzipan Fruit - Pack of 3



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6.  Mediterranean Halva Bar

Our next confection is the Mediterranean Halva Bar with Vanilla. Halva is a broad term used to describe dense yet sweet desserts served overseas. The primary ingredient in the Halva Bar is tahini paste which is infused with a hint of real vanilla. Sweet and savory at the same time, the Halva Bar should satisfy a variety of taste palettes.

Candy Mediterranean Halva Image Courtesy World Market

Mediterranean Halva Bar - Pack of 16



7. Kookaburra Liquorice

Who knew Australia was known for their delicious liquorice? This tasty treat from Kookaburra, is authentically Australian-style liquorice. The intense, full-flavor and chewiness of the traditional black liquorice is represented in this popular, yet hard to find, international treat.

Candy Kookaburra Liquorice Image Courtesy World Market

Kookaburra Liquourice - Pack of 4



8. Kinder Bueno

Kinder Bueno is another German confection wafer snack. Made up of three thin, crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate, this wafer treat has a creamy hazelnut filling that is sure to please. These bars are known for their richness that will make you wonder whether they are cookies wrapped in layers of chocolate or nutty, crunchy chocolate bars.

Candy Kinder Bueno Image Courtesy World Market

Kinder Bueno - Pack of 5



9. Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar

If our next pick looks slightly familiar, you might have seen it at a few local specialty stores or gourmet markets. The Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate Bar from Germany is quite a decadent treat. Alpine milk chocolate and espresso powder are combined to create a cocoa bean chocolate which is then filled with an espresso cream for an amazing flavor burst.

Candy Ritter Sport Image Courtesy World Market

Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate Bar - Pack of 12



10. Kasugai Gummy Lychees

Our final tasty treats are the Kasugai Gummy Lychees which are individually-wrapped gummy candies made with real fruit juice. Made in Japan, the Lychee is a fruit originally grown in Southern China. Once each individual-wrapped gummy candy is opened, you will recognize the fresh aroma and enjoy the soft, chewy treat wherever you may be.

Candy Kasugai Gummy Lychees Image Courtesy World Market

Kasugai Gummy Lychees - Pack of 12