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This $20 Fridge Fan Prevents Your Food From Going Bad

• Keep food fresher longer in the fridge
• Save money by not having to throw away food
• Portable enough to take to the cottage, AirBnb or office

Americans waste billions of dollars a year on food gone bad. We don’t eat it in time, we forget it’s in the fridge, or we’re just not in the mood for it. But, why is your food spoiling so quickly when putting it in the fridge is supposed to help it last longer? The answer is circulation. Even though your fridge might be perfectly chilly, if it doesn’t have enough air circulation, food is going to expire in expedient fashion.

The good news is now you can buy yourself—and your food—a little more time with the Valterra FridgeCool Fan. It keeps the air inside your refrigerator circulating.The result is reduced food spoilage. And, when food lasts longer you save money at the grocery store by not having to shop as often.

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Here’s how it works: this compact, portable air circulation system runs continuously to keep your food fresh. And remember, every time you open the door, hot air gets in. The FridgeCool Fan cuts cool-down time by 50%. The more circulating air your fridge has, the more even the temperature, and the longer your food lasts.

The FridgeCool Fan weighs less than half a pound and is about the size of a deck of cards. It runs on two D batteries (not included) and there’s barely any set-up needed. Just place it in your fridge and you’re good to go.

The Fridge Cool has more than 750 reviews on Amazon and users say it’s particularly good for ensuring their fridge temperature stays consistent when they are away from home for days at a time (I.e. on vacation). Others say they like how portable the fan is, allowing them to use it for their RV and boat refrigerators. Also ideal for dorm room fridges, the FridgeCool Fan is compact and portable, so it’s easy to move from one to another. And for just $20, it makes economic sense considering how much money in food you’ll save.

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