How to Save Money on Wine: Buy it by the Case

How to Save Money on Wine:
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* Available in 6-pack or a dozen
* Selection across California, Italy, France and Spain
* Features red, white and sparkling wine

Hey wine lovers, looking to save some money while sipping on your favorite red, white or sparklers? You might want to consider buying wine in bulk rather than individually at your local grocery store. You’ll find that when you purchase your vino by the case, you’ll get to take advantage of some key benefits, including:

Savings. The more you buy, the more you save. It comes as no surprise, that it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. Whether it’s a 6-pack or a dozen, most stores offer a percentage off the retail price when you buy more.

Free (or close to free) delivery. When you buy more, it’s much easier to arrange to get it delivered to you and usually with no extra charge form the supplier or manufacturer itself. This is especially convenient if you don’t live close to a wine shop or store, and a great way to save on delivery charges.

Party-ready. Buying wine by the case also means you’ll always have something to bring at the next get-together as host gift, or when your friends or family members surprise you with an impromptu visit. A case of red, a case of white and a case of sparkling should tide you over just nicely, plus it’s much classier than stocking up on bottles of cheap vodka and sugary orange juice.

No surprises. One other awesome advantage associated with buying wine in bulk is that there are no surprises. If you can’t live without a particular bottle of wine from a specific brand, you’re going to get what you see.

Whether you’re a fan of red wine, white wine, sparkling or just want a little of everything – we’ve got a few selections that boast quality and smooth flavor from top wineries across California, France, Italy and Spain – all without breaking the bank.

Best of Everything Red 6 Pack

It’s no surprise the bottles feature in this case is hard to keep in stock. Hand-selected by the Wine Insider expert panel, each bottle of red in this exclusive wine case is a bestseller from a top quality California winery.

best of red wine half case wine insider Image courtesy of Wine Insider


Smooth and Savory White Half-Case

Splurge on the smooth and savory side of the vineyards with this collection of bright and balanced white wines from France and California.

white wine half case wine insider Image courtesy of Wine Insider

Spring Sparklers Half-Case

Get any party started with six bottles of Gold Medal-winning sparkling wine from Italy and Spain. This celebratory selection features three refreshing bottles of fresh, floral and fruity Spanish sparkler and Prosecco-esque Italian sparkler.

sparkling wine case wine insider Image courtesy of Wine Insider


Very Vigouroux Mixed Half-Case

Enjoy a six-bottle sampling of the Vigouroux family wine with this special selection mixed case that includes Malbec from the grape’s French home, a tart rosé, and two smooth white blends.

wine sampler wine insider Image courtesy of Wine Insider

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