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We Found the Best Ice Cream Scoop Just in Time for Summer

* Designed to keep your wrist comfortable while you scoop
* Conducts body heat for easier scoop release
* Crafted to last decades

Do you love ice cream but hate straining your wrist and damaging your silverware each time you want a scoop? If this sounds familiar, we recommend the Belle-V Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop. It’s

to keep your wrist comfortable while you scoop, even when the ice cream is densely frozen.

The angled head works with the natural rolling action of your wrist to give you maximum leverage to drive through the hardest ice cream with ease. The spade-shaped leading edge gets right into those hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of the container, yielding the perfect, rounded scoop every time.

Now, this is where the Belle-V goes from cool to simply brilliant: it’s made from super-strong, solid die-cast aluminum, which conducts heat from your hand through the handle down to the head of the scoop. That way, it’s easier to release the ice cream into the bowl.  The simple, elegant design is beyond attractive and worthy of showing off. This elevated ice cream scoop is essentially a collector’s item for ice cream lovers.

So, why do you need a $49 ice cream scoop? If you or your family eats ice cream on a semi-regular basis, this handy device will make dessert time a breeze. Or, buy it to impress guests at a summer wedding, birthday party or family reunion.

Also worth the price: the Belle-V is crafted to last for decades, unlike regular spoons and ice cream scoops that bend out of shape with just one use.

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