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This $19 Self-Heating Ice Cream Scoop Lets You Churn Through That Pint With Ease

* This award-winning scoop is made for instant ice cream servings anytime
* It features self-heated edges to cut through frozen pints with ease
* Great for general home use, birthday parties and even ice-cream parlors

Whether you’re at home, out for lunch or at a party, if ice cream is on the cards, the faster the delivery, the better! One of the most frustrating situations that can arise when you’re faced with a fresh-from-the-freezer pint is how to get the rock-solid cream into your bowl (or mouth) as quickly as possible. Thankfully, with the

in your hands, there’s no ice cream too tough or too cold to conquer.

This advanced ice cream scoop uses the world’s first thermo-ring technology to heat the spoon, giving it the ability to easily glide through ice cream and giving you the beautifully crafted scoops your heart (and stomach) desires.

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The award-winning design requires no batteries or power supply to work. There’s a biodegradable thermal liquid in the handle, which transfers heat to the scoop, providing it with ice-cream scooping powers. The interior of the scoop has also been anodized to ensure your fresh scoop simply drops from the kitchen tool without becoming melty. Plus, the rounded head ensures your scoops are near perfect, making this a great choice for use at home or even at an ice-cream parlor.

When ordering, you’ll have a choice of either white or black for your ice cream scoop. While the main job of this kitchenware may be to scoop ice cream, the scoop sports a design, which adds an extra touch of class and style to your kitchen, too. It features beautifully crafted fish bone fins along with a see-through handle to give it a unique style in terms of ice cream accessories.

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After each use, cleaning the scoop is easy. Simply wipe the scoop with a soft sponge or washcloth and a touch of cleaning liquid before toweling it dry.

The fast-scooping design isn’t just great for ice-cream lovers who simply can’t wait. It also allows people with carpal tunnel, arthritis and weaker hands the chance to enjoy ice cream just like everyone else.

With this self-heating ice-cream scoop in your hands, you’ll never have to endure the nightmare of waiting for your ice cream pint to melt ever again.


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