These Jack Daniels Caramels Hit The Sweet Spot

Jack Daniels Whiskey Fudge Caramels

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  •  * Authentic Jack Daniels-infused caramels 
  •  * Sweet fudge caramel meets smooth whiskey 
  •  * Comes in traditional decorative tin 

Blending the sweet richness of traditional fudge caramels with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, these candies live up to the Ron Swanson adage that whisky makes everything better.

A great gift or party favor, they’re chewy and smooth and just a little smokey, with a flavor that recalls both the rolling hills of Scotland and the rugged mountain countryside of Tennessee. The description sounds like a romance novel: sweet, rich Caramel meets smooth bad-boy Jack Daniels. It’s a match made in party favor heaven.

Made by Gardiners of Scotland by hand according to the traditional methods of the confectioner’s art, these are high-quality treats with a transatlantic provenance that matches their rugged appeal. While Americans might find it a bit of an odd mixture – Jack Daniels’ rugged highwayman image juxtaposed with the quaint, grandmotherly appeal of fudge candies – like Doc Martens worn with frilly tights, it simply works.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Fudge Caramels

The flavor of the whiskey melds nicely with the mellow sweetness of the fudge and the salty tang of the caramel acts as a complement to the whiskey’s bite. Each tin comes with 28-30 individually-wrapped Jack Daniels caramels, making this a great thing to have out at parties and social gatherings. It will go faster than you think. The caramels themselves are pretty small and surprisingly addictive. There are also recipes where they can be added to other dessert items, like cakes and cookies.

When the tin does run out, you’ll have an awesome Jack Daniels logo storage container or, use the tin as a mold for a wax candle and continue the product’s theme of rugged-meets-refined. It also makes a great planter for small house plants and cacti.

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