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Our Favorite Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is Only $21 for Cyber Monday!

What’s one category of gifts that never fails to satisfy men, women, older people, younger people, dads, moms and even in-laws? Coffee-related gifts, given they consume caffeine on a daily basis, of course. We know some people would rather sip tea, but for the rest of us, a great coffee present is the gift that keeps on giving. That’s why our guide to the Top Christmas Gifts of 2020 includes several coffee products.

We’re all better versions of ourselves mid-way through our first cup of coffee in the morning, and today we want to highlight a great coffee gift that’s discounted heavily on Amazon for Cyber Monday.

This cold brew coffee maker from Takeya takes the Japanese art of fine-tuning coffee and brings it home so you can get a quality cup every day. Plus, right now, you can get this premium coffee maker for 40% off, from now through the end of today, November 30th.

We’ve written about this iced coffee maker before, as it’s our favorite way to whip up your own cold brew at home. And since many of us are avoiding crowded coffee shops or working from home, this is the next best thing to stopping by your neighborhood coffee joint.

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This cold brew maker has a 2-quart capacity but is still slim enough to fit in the door of most fridges, so you can keep your cold brew cold. It’s a Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid to keep your beverage from going stale, and the non-slip silicone handle makes it easy to grab and maneuver even before you’ve had your first cup.

It has a fine-mesh coffee filter to keep grounds out of your fresh pot and it can withstand hot temperatures too if you prefer your coffee hot rather than cold. It’s the perfect cold brew maker to use daily if you’re a regular brewer, and the high-quality materials it’s made of are BPA-free.

Grab this for yourself to power through the next month or so, or for your coffee-loving friend or relative. Right now you can buy this iced coffee maker for just $21. That’s 40% off its regularly listed price, and the sale ends at midnight tonight.

The Takeya coffee maker is the perfect solution for your iced coffee addiction, but it also makes for a great Christmas gift for a friend. Heck, at this price, you can buy two.