This Wine Trough Has Signature Style and Keeps Wine Cool

wine trough
Image courtesy Nordstrom

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* Holds more wine than ice buckets
* Insulated lining keeps wine cooler longer
* Personalized just for you

We’re a long ways away from the generic silver ice bucket age. That’s because now you can chill your wine  in this Monogram Wood Wine Trough. It’s a contemporary, sophisticated way to keep your wine at the ready, whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a glass alone.

Let’s start with the technical specs. Inside, the trough is lined with an insulating metallic insert that keeps the cool in and the heat out. That way your ice melts more slowly, keeping your wine cooler longer. Once the party is over, you simply remove it to pour out the melted mess.

The rustic wood exterior is supremely satisfying to look at. Its rich, wood-grain detail lends a sophisticated touch. The personalized initial engraving gives it an heirloom quality. It doesn’t look like a cheap party prop. It’s a substantial accent that highlights refined taste, and guests will notice.

This trough is large enough to hold three bottles of your favorite vintage, but it’s still small enough to easily move anywhere the party goes. If you’re not yet sure what wine to stock it with, we have a few suggestions.

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