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Glass Half Full: The 4 Best Liquid Measuring Cups Under $20

* These measuring cups are designed for liquids
* Made of glass or durable plastic, they’re built to last
* Choose from a variety of sizes

A good set of measuring cups are necessary for any cook, especially when managing tricky liquid ingredients. These four varieties, alternately made from glass or durable plastic, will help you accurately and efficiently whip up your favorite dishes.

1. Good Cook Clear Measuring Cup

Made of durable clear plastic, this measuring cup also has ounce, metric and cup measurements clearly marked along the outside. Its handle design also allows you to easily hang it up in your kitchen.

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Image Courtesy of Good Cook


2. OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup

This unique design has the added advantage of an angled surface, so you can easily read the measurements from above while you’re carefully pouring in liquid. It also has a non-slip handle, so you don’t need to fret over spills.

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Image Courtesy of OXO


3. Vremi 3 Piece Plastic Measuring Cups Set

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with this three-piece measuring set that includes one, two and four cup measuring apparatus.

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Image Courtesy of Vremi


4. Home Essentials Glass Liquid Measuring Cup With Large Handle

This sturdy glass model is lined with measurements that come in a larger, bolder print, so they’re easier to read. Ideal for measuring large liquid ingredients, this cup can handle a wide range of temperatures.

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Image Courtesy of HE


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