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SPY Guide: 3 Kitchen Hacks to Cut Down on Prep Time and Cleaning

* Three gadgets to save you time and effort around the kitchen
* Covers everything from coring apples to cleaning your dishes
* These are great gifts for foodie friends or partners passionate about cooking

Whether you love to spend your time in the kitchen whipping up a storm or you see making food as a necessary chore, optimizing your time in the kitchen is better for everyone. We have found three kitchen gadgets that are made to eliminate tedious, time-wasting tasks and cut down on prep time and cleaning.

From classifying your cutting boards to spin cleaning your kitchen items, you’ll find yourself with more time for the things you want to do after using these kitchen hacks.

1. OLizee Fruit Multi-Tool

This multi-talented device has 10 handy kitchen tools in one conveniently sized cutter. Offering lemon squeezing, avocado scooping, apple coring and mesh for cutting and grating, this gadget is the time-saving hack that gets rid of tedious chopping without the need for a sharp kitchen knife.


2. Seville Classics Cutting Board

This is not your average cutting board. Inside the attractive bamboo main exterior, you’ll find 7 brightly colored, BPA-free cutting mats. Each of the flexible mats has a specific purpose, like chopping meat, fish or vegetables. When not in use, the boards sit concealed within your board, allowing you to use the attractive bamboo board for displaying foods. It’s a great option for families with different dietary concerns, so you don’t contaminate your food prep. 


3. Spin Scrubber

This device was built to clean, and cleaning is what it does best. From cleaning your window frames, to your stove, to stubborn grease on pots and pans, this versatile scrubber has an attachment for that. Fully cordless and supplied with a rechargeable battery, the Spin Scrubber also sports a waterproof seal to allow for wet condition cleaning, too. 

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