These Kitchen Accessories Will Inspire You to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

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* Fruit and veg preparation can often feel like more hassle than it’s worth
* These handy accessories cut prep time in half to encourage consumption
* Options include slicers, dicers, knives and peelers

Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat more fruit and vegetables. But, when you’re hungry and you have a two-second-to-open bag of chips or a 10-minutes-to-prepare healthy option, it’s more often than not the quick and easy option which wins out. There are ways to address this balance, of course. Not buying chips is one solution. A better solution is to decrease the time to prepare the healthy option when you’re hungry.

We’ve put together a list of six hack-y kitchen tools to cut your 10-minute prep time down significantly. For example, the kitchen dicer option requires one swift push to deliver diced tomatoes, the corer gives you ready-to-eat pineapple in seconds and the banana slicer delivers bite-sized pieces in a flash.

Next time hunger strikes, put down that bag of chips, wave one of these magical kitchen wands and enjoy a freshly prepared, healthier option.

1. BlueSkyBos Ceramic Veggie Fruit Knife and Peeler

A standard part of any kitchen kit should include a sharp knife for cutting your vegetables and a peeler for getting them out of their skins. This BlueSkyBos Ceramic Knife and Peeler sport zirconium oxide blades, which are sharper than the average steel competitors. The grips are also ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in the hand for an easy cutting experience. And because of the ceramic build, you never need to worry about these kitchen tools rusting.

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2. Best Utensils Tomato Slicer

If like us you’ve long struggled with dicing, slicing or chopping your tomatoes, let the Best Utensils Tomato Slicer help you out. The tong-like design makes it easy to keep hold of any tomato while the gaps allow you to pass a knife through with ease. These tongs are not just great for tomatoes, either. They work on other vegetables, like onions, lemons, oranges and more. This tool is also built from tough, stainless steel and helps keep your hands away from sharp and pointy ends.

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3. KSANA Pineapple Corer

Everyone knows the core of a pineapple just doesn’t taste the same. Luckily, with the KSANA Pineapple Corer in your arsenal, it’s easy to get rid of it while also enjoying freshly sliced rings of the yellow fruit. This kit includes an eye peeler and corer slicer to give you numerous pieces of pineapple perfect for pizzas, fruit salads or just for general snacking.

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4. Unknown Banana Slicer

You may not realize it, but you waste a lot of time chopping up bananas. Why? Because you aren’t using the Unknown Banana Slicer. When you push down once, this handy device cuts 6 times. And, it cuts perfectly even pieces instead of that mishmash you call banana slices. Such perfect banana pieces are great for adding to muesli, fruit salads, banana bread and sandwiches!

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5. Rapid Brands Rapid Veggie Steamer

If you ever steam vegetables in a pan, you already know the process can sometimes be too much effort to bother. That’s why the Rapid Brands Veggie Steamer is such a great investment. Instead of the long, drawn-out process, this handy device allows you to steam your vegetables in the microwave in a matter of minutes. It’s also reusable, BPA-free and dishwasher safe, too.

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6. Zalik Vegetable Chopper

One of the most time-consuming parts of food preparation is the chopping process. Luckily, there’s a way to cut that time down to only a few seconds. With the Zalik Vegetable Chopper , you can chop and dice fruit and vegetables in seconds. This super efficient chopper comes with multiple chopping attachments, including options for dicing, slicing and cubing your veg, In addition, the chopper can also be used for other kitchen tasks like juicing citrus, separating egg whites and slicing boiled eggs.

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