7 Kitchen “Problem Solvers” You Didn’t Know You Needed

Top 7 Unique Kitchen Problem Solvers
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* Elevate your kitchen convenience to a whole new level
* Solve some of the most common kitchen frustrations
* From clever shortcuts to freshness solutions

Sometimes, the answer to a question no one asked turns out to be just the thing you need. We’re glad someone thought to ask the kitchen questions that led to these extra ingenious answers. Here are seven unique kitchen problem solvers to upgrade your home cooking repertoire.

1. Joie Silicone Oven Rack Puller

Whether it’s a hastily-reheated frozen pizza or a heavy pumpkin pie, this handy silicone oven and toaster oven rack puller makes quick work of extending the oven rack so that you can take out the very hot thing you just baked.

Over Puller Courtesy Amazon


2. Spoon Holder

This cute silicone pig clips to the sides of pots and holds your spoon, fork or mixing spoon in place. Voila, no more resting sauce-covered spoons on the countertop.

Spoon Holder Courtesy Amazon

3. Hot Dish Grabber

A riff on the idea of tongs, this hot dish grabber makes it way easier to take hot plates or bowls from toaster ovens, microwaves and convection ovens.

Hot Dish Grabber Courtesy Amazon


4. Half Avocado Holder

This tool helps you cut down on food waste and make the most aesthetically-pleasing avocado toast.

Avocado Holder Courtesy Uncommon Goods


5. Bread Saver

There’s this thing about bread: the better the bread, the less the bakery seems to give you in the way of preservation. Cheap sliced bread comes with a plastic wrapper that lets you keep it for a week or so, but the best loaves in town seem to come wrapped in paper that isn’t even as long as the bread itself. Do they expect you to eat it all in one day? With this bread saver, you don’t have to.

Bread Savers Courtesy Uncommon Goods


6. Onion Goggles

These goggles are designed to keep your eyes dry while chopping onions. Just put on eyeliner and then decided to make French Onion soup? Not a problem anymore!

Onion Gogggles Courtesy Amazon

7. Microwave Grill

Recipe calls for grilled zucchini but you’ve only got 5 to 7 minutes to spare? Microwave Grill to the rescue! This thing’s conductive surface turns the convenient, spookily fast heating of the microwave into contact heat that can then transfer to your food.

Microwave Grill Courtesy Uncommon Goods


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