Kone Brewing System Will Revolutionize the Way You Make Coffee at Home

Kone Brewing System
Image Courtesy of Food52
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* Ceramic brewer with sustainable stainless steel filter
* 8″ x 6″ with 32 oz. capacity
* Made in the USA

For may of us, a cup of coffee is our morning companion. Its rich, bold flavors and high caffeine content are often times what entices us to get up in the morning when we need to face the Monday blues or to get up early on the weekends when you’d rather be sleeping. Ultimately, though, we don’t really need a reason to have a great cup of Joe. Now you can skip the lines at Starbucks and brew your own delicious coffee right at home with the innovative Kone Brewing System.

Kone Brewing System Image Courtesy of Food52

Kone Brewing System


Available in the market for the first time, the coffee loving folks at Able Brewing created the elegant Kone Brewing System in a small Portland studio. Inspired by Japanese and Mid-Century design, the philosophy behind the system was simple: the rewarding satisfaction and unparalleled flavor you get when you make your own coffee by hand.

Sophisticated in style yet easy to use, the ceramic brewer beautifully houses the one-of-a-kind Kone coffee filter. Made in the USA, the reusable and sustainable stainless steel filter allows for more oils to steep; creating a fuller body to the coffee than any conventional paper filter can.

When not in use, the sleek brewing system makes for a stunning display on kitchen counters. Fancy a cup of tea instead? To add to the cleverness of the design, you can steep a pot of tea by leaving the Kone filter inside with the lid on.

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