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Forget The Koozie, Here’s Why Everyone Is Wrapping Their Brew In Beer Blankets

* 3D fiber insulation to keep drinks cool
* Snaps together for six-pack use, comes apart for solo duty
* Durable nylon webbing construction

Blankets: they have long been used to keep people, animals and even picnic foods warm. But their themo-insulating properties are also, it turns out, well suited to the task of keeping beer chilled on the way to tailgate parties, at barbecues and cook outs and anywhere you have to cart your brews into the wild.

This six-pack cozy from Rumpl, the famed outdoor blanket brand, is not only a stylish accessory for your cold ones but it also helps them keep their cool longer. Sort of like a security blanket, but for your beverages. You don’t have to love beer to appreciate the cool coziness of the Rumpl six-pack blankie either – this beverage insulator works great for La Croix, cider, and even canned rose. Which is apparently a thing.

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You could, of course, also be “x-treme” and use it to keep your energy drinks chill on the way to your combination mountain biking/stage rally/outdoor obstacle course event. Pretty sure that exists somewhere in the country this summer.

Whatever your expeditionary fancy, the Rumpl six-pack beverage blanket is one of the more portable and convenient ways of keeping drinks the right, drinkable temperature longer. It’s made with lightweight 3D fiber insulation and includes nylon webbing to keep a secure hold on your six pack, and it fits most 12-oz size cans. It has snap buttons that come apart so you can have your beer cans wrapped individually and keep the blanket on after you’ve removed each one from the six pack.

Two words: Life Hacks