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Save Your Rusted Cast Iron Skillet With Lodge’s Magic Rust Eraser Tool

We all know the feeling. Maybe you forgot to dry off the cast iron skillet during dinner clean-up hours ago, or maybe you left it soaking overnight by accident. Perhaps you lent it to a friend and they returned it in less than desirable condition? No matter the story, your cast iron skillet has rusted. All the signs point toward doom. Or do they? 

Introducing: the Rust Eraser from Lodge — the company you already trust to make top-notch cast iron cooking supplies. Lodge has created an easy-to-use $5 tool that lets you scrub away rust and save your beloved cast iron skillet from certain doom. 

This magical tool is designed to save rusted cooking supplies of all types from being prematurely tossed and restore them to their former glory. Use it on family heirlooms, outdoor grills that have seen better days, knives, cookware and even grill grates.

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Courtesy of Lodge

This rust eraser only removes the stuff you want it to, like rust and tarnish, without damaging or leaving scratches on your cookware. Note: it will remove rust down to bare iron, so you’ll need to reseason anything you use it on. 

This tool is a must-have in your kitchen arsenal to save expensive cookware from damage. To use this rust remover, simply scrub away excess rust in a dry pan. And at only $5, it’ll most likely pay for itself in one use with the money saved.