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Women Have Been Able to Vote for 100 Years, and Lodge is Celebrating with a Rosie the Riveter Skillet

Women didn’t have the right to vote in the U.S. until the passing of the 19th amendment in 1920. It’s been 100 years since then and the right to vote is still something each and every eligible American should not take lightly, and should be able to exercise freely. Lodge is celebrating a woman’s right to vote and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment with a very special cast iron skillet that’s built tough — like many women out there.

rosie the riveter skillet, cast iron skillet

rosie skillet, cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillets are known as the rugged must-have kitchen tools for their heat capacity, heat retention and the even distribution of heat they provide. This 10.25″ Rosie the Riveter skillet from Lodge is no different — and comes seasoned and ready to use.

It works just as well on the stove as it does on the grill, over the campfire or in the oven, and comes with an assist handle that’s easy to grab. Just be sure to use an oven mitt to grab it when it’s hot — OUCH.

The Rosie the Riveter design not only recognizes an icon of American history and so many women who fought and paved the way for this moment, but also our country’s robust manufacturing background.

This tool is made to be brutally tough, just like women. Make sure you season it regularly with oil for an easy-release, natural finish that’ll improve with use. You can also use a Lodge rust eraser if extra moisture sticks and rust develops.

This won’t just make a great addition to any kitchen and household but will  make a great gift for the special women in your life this holiday season. Grab one before they’re gone!