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SPY Review: Magic Bullet’s New Air Fryer is Ridiculously Easy to Use and Perfect for Couples

Air fryers are the latest kitchen gadget to hit the foodie space and become massively popular, and for good reason. They promise to give eaters the taste, aroma and satisfying crunch of fried foods without all the excess oil and fat. Dare I say, they make fried food… healthy? There are plenty of options out there already, but one of our favorite brands, Nutribullet, recently launched a brand new Magic Bullet Air Fryer and I was given a chance to review it. It’s compact, easy to use and perfect for 1-2 person households. Continue reading for my full review, and information on where to buy it.

Magic Bullet Air Fryer

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Courtesy of Nutribullet


What I Liked About the Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet Air Fryer has a lot going for it. It’s small and compact, and takes up roughly the same amount of space on my countertop as a large toaster. It comes with very simple controls and functionality, and was very easy to use from the get go.

The drawer easily pulls in and out, and the temperature and timer are very easy to set depending on what you’re making. The 2.5-quart capacity is great for small households of 1-2 people. You definitely couldn’t cook an entire chicken or fish in this thing, but it’s perfect for 5-8 wings, cauliflower gnocchi, veggies and french fries.

It doesn’t make much noise while it cooks, and the cleaning process was very easy afterwards. All it took was a quick rinse of the drawer and crisping tray, and there wasn’t a ton of oil as I’ve heard can be the case with other machines.


What I Didn’t Like About the Magic Bullet Air Fryer

This appliance checks a lot of boxes, and there aren’t a whole lot of negatives when it comes to its design. It does have a fan that blows hot air out of the back while it’s cooking, so you need plenty of ventilation space while you’re using it. This also might make it unsafe to use close to children or pets, but that’s true of most kitchen appliances in some respects.

It’s also not very large, so if you’re looking for a device that can cook an entire family dinner or feed a larger group of people I’d opt for a device from another brand with a much larger capacity.


My Verdict: Perfect for Couples and Single Diners

This air fryer is perfect for couples looking to experiment with healthier fried food, and those flying solo who want to do the same. It’s a nearly flawless device with a small but mighty capacity, and it’ll make perfecting crispy fries at home much easier.