This Bottle Cap Dart Board Has a Magnetic Personality

This Fun Magnetic Bottle Cap Dart
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* Classic bull’s eye pattern
* Magnetic bottle cap darts included
* Great ice breaker at parties 

This magnetic dartboard for bottle caps is one of the more interesting pieces of bar/game room kitsch we’ve seen. It adds an element of fun to any ambiance and would be a functional ice breaker for house parties as well.

The dartboard set has a clean and aesthetic appearance, cleverly designed as a giant bottle cap with the bull’s eye pattern of a classic dart board. You can use it to play a variety of modified darts games and it lends itself very naturally to drinking games.

What’s more, this magnetic bottle cap dart board is a great way to pass the awkward moments by the fridge with people who sort of know one another but have nothing to say. A casual game takes some of the pressure off the minibar mingle and lets you ease into conversation much more naturally, making this dart board a great choice for the socially awkward entertainer.

The set includes magnetized silver and black “bottle caps,” and all the necessary mounting hardware. Your own bottle caps would work too.

A great fit for dens, game rooms and garages, it invites light-hearted fun and even raises some interesting questions: what is the best technique for accurate bottle-cap throwing? Is it the snappy wrist-flick you’d use to throw a playing card? Or is it more like the motion of throwing a ninja-star? And what’s the appropriate distance? We’d suggest about the length of a typical kitchen counter or bar. Too long and you’ll have guests in various stages of inebriation wildly flinging bottle caps and missing the board entirely.

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