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Martha Stewart Partners with Amazon Fresh to Offer Commitment-Free Meal Kits

* Fresh, pre-packaged meal plans designed by Martha Stewart
* Subscription-free with flexible delivery options
* Meals are priced between $12-$14 and serve 2

Celebrity chef and lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart and her partner Marley Spoon shared the news last week that they will be launching a prepared meal delivery service available exclusively through Amazon’s grocery and restaurant food delivery service, Amazon Fresh. Stewart’s curated meal delivery service is now available to Amazon Fresh customers in select cities including: New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia.

While there are plenty of meal delivery service providers to choose from, Stewart’s meal kits fill an existing gap in the rapidly growing market. They are available at any time, 7 days a week and delivered just like Amazon’s grocery delivery service. Other meal delivery services typically require a weekly or monthly commitment or membership, which can be a downside to potential customers who want to cook from scratch or order in from restaurants on other days of the week.

According to Marley Spoon, which also operates meal delivery services in Europe and Australia, Stewart’s Amazon Fresh kits stand apart from competitors because of the commitment to making gourmet dining at home accessible and flexible for busy families and professionals. Of course knowing Stewart’s culinary prowess, customers can also expect a wide variety of healthy and tasty options. Our picks: Steak and Potatoes with Green Bean Vinaigrette and Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Vegetables.

Each of Stewart’s packaged and pre-proportioned kits are designed to feed two people and includes a simple recipe with large-scale instructional images and dry ingredients packaged to eliminate waste and save time during preparation.

Stewart’s Amazon Fresh meal kits cost about $12 on average, but don’t require a weekly commitment. You will however be subjected to standard $14.99 monthly fee to order via Amazon Fresh.