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Take $30 Off This Quick and Easy Meal Delivery Service

* Delicious, chef-prepared meals delivered to your door
* 13 meals per week to choose from; prepare in under 30 minutes
* No commitment. Delivery is free over $45

Home Chef is a terrific meal delivery service that lets you skip the grocery store and saves you money on more expensive meal kits. They deliver fresh ingredients for easy, chef-prepared recipes each week, right to your doorstep. So now, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you can prepare wonderful home-cooked meals in under 30 minutes.

Here’s why it’s so handy: To start, Home Chef is more affordable than if you purchased the very same ingredients separately at the supermarket. In fact, CBS reported how Home Chef’s prices beat grocery store prices by more than 7 dollars per meal.

Home Chef also beat out other meal kit delivery services by offering 13 different meal choices each week. Each recipe utilizes fresh, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. Can’t decide what to eat? Home Chef has plenty of recommendations based on your preferences and dietary concerns, and enough variety to suit your mood.

The ingredients stay fresh until you get home thanks to an insulated, recyclable box. And, delivery is free when you meet the $45 order threshold. Even better, there’s no commitment. If you want to change meals, skip a week or cancel, you can without penalty. But really, why would you cancel when this is home cooking made simple and delicious?

For a limited time, use our link to save $30 on your first order of Home Chef.

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