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Vegan Meals Made Easy With This All-New Delivery Service

* Healthy vegan meals with the convenience of take out
* Choose your delivery based on how much food you need
* Save on your cost per meal when you order more

Let’s face it: special diets are a pain in the rear end. It’s hard enough to plan and prepare three meals each day. When you start throwing in restrictions, it becomes all the more difficult. It’s easy to stop consuming animal products, but adequately planning your meals so that you — and your family — get the proper nutrition is a taller task.

The benefits of a vegan diet are clear: a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and lower odds of obesity and ischemic heart disease, not to mention cancer. But if you just can’t find time to adequately plan meals, then Vegin’ Out is the meal delivery service for you.

Every Monday, Vegin’ Out posts its weekly menu. Menu items include things like Louisiana Red Beans and Rice, Vegetable & Tofu Curry, Spiced Bulgur and Kale Salad with Sun Dried Tomato Dressing. You choose your subscription level based on what you want to eat – and how much food you want delivered.

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Here’s an example of the packages offered:

Single Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Order, $189.99: Get 9-10 dishes delivered, including 3 servings each of the 8 dishes on the weekly menu and 5 cookies.

Double Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Order, $360.98: Ideal for couples and small families, you actually save 5% when you order this pack of 18-20 meals. It comes with 6 servings of each dish on the weekly menu, plus 10 cookies.

4 Up Front Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Orders, $721.96: Save $10 when you buy in bulk. With this package, you choose whether you want 9-10 meals and 5 cookies delivered over 4 consecutive weeks, or whether you want them spaced out.

Check out the menu options and select your meal plan. If you have special needs, like a gluten allergy, make sure you let them know. By next week, you’ll been eating better and feeling great. The best part is that time spent grocery shopping and cooking can be better spent on things that really matter, like your family.

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