Add More Flavor to Your Meals With This Pint-Sized Meat Tenderizer

For The Best Meat Tenderizer, Look
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* Helps meat retain its natural flavors
* Cuts down on marinating and cooking time
* 56 stainless steel blades make meat extra tender

It’s time to retire your old-fashioned meat mallet. The Decen Professional Meat Tenderizer is changing the grilling game by helping you cook savory, mouthwatering meat in minutes.

Using 56 different stainless steel blades, this portable tenderizer is your go-to sous chef when it comes to cooking a juicy steak. The unique design helps create pockets in your meat and allows heat to penetrate more evenly. This not only helps cut back on marinating and cooking time, it results in immensely more flavorful meats.

A built-in safety lock helps keep your fingers safe, and with a durable handle made of strong ABS plastic, you don’t have to worry about it wearing down over time. It’s also dishwasher safe, so all you have to do is disassemble it and put it in the washer when you’re done. This little tenderizer is great to keep at home or even take with you on the go.

Made with an ergonomic handle and spring design that ensures comfortable grip and stability, the tenderizer also features steel blades that are rust and corrosion resistant.

While it works best with steak, chicken and pork, it can also be used with fish, veal and other meats. A removable protective cover is also included for storage and to help prevent dust. You’re able to choose between the 48- and 56-blade options. While both work great, we recommend going with the latter. 

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