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The MEATER+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer Can Handle the Heat and Keep Track of It Too

Cooking meat to an ideal temperature is an art and a skill that takes years of honing to perfect. Overcook your steak? You’ve got a chewy dinner on your hands. Undercook your chicken? You’ve got a night hugging the toilet coming your way. Both are no bueno, so let’s avoid both food-borne illnesses and bland barbecue with the MEATER+ Smart Meat Thermometer.

I recently got the chance to test the MEATER+. At first, I was pretty skeptical. Does everything need to be smart?

But after testing out this smart meat thermometer on my own backyard grill, I came away impressed. Seriously, this is one cool gadget.

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Courtesy of MEATER

Sure there are accurate and dependable meat thermometers out there that will give you the temperature you need. The problem? You’ve got to remember to check on the meat regularly and with enough consistency to take it out at just the right time, when it’s perfectly cooked but not overdone. The timing of this can be stressful and hard to predict, especially when you’ve got other side dishes to prepare. Thankfully, MEATER+ has got your back and then some.

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Courtesy of MEATER

The meat thermometer comes with a temperature probe you stick in your meat and leave in while cooking. It connects to an app on your phone where you select the type of meat you’re cooking and the temperature you’re going for. After that, the app tells you exactly what temperature your meat is at, when to remove it from the heat and how long to let it rest for, if applicable.

The original MEATER meat thermometer works just as well but has a more limited range. With their new and improved smart meat thermometer, the folks at MEATER improved the range by 5x, giving you more flexibility while cooking.

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From start to finish, the MEATER+  will guide you through the steps towards a perfectly-cooked non-vegetarian dinner. There are no wires and no complicated connections or waiting next to the oven while your hand burns; it’s all connected through a Bluetooth signal that can reach up to 165 ft from your oven, grill or pan via the signal repeater that comes with the MEATER+.

You can also extend your MEATER+’s connection over your WiFi and monitor the progress of your dinner from multiple devices. Finally, you can connect the MEATER+ to your Amazon Alexa, giving you even more control in the kitchen.

Those are a lot of features for a small device. But after personally testing this product, I found that it worked perfectly. The signal lasted almost all the way across the kitchen and the temperature readings were very accurate. We’ll definitely be using this tool again!