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Upgrade Your Party With A Beautiful Beverage Tub

* Handsome polished steel tub for beer, soda, wine and more
* Includes stand with built-in shelf
* Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use 

With this metal beverage tub you can finally banish the unsightly plastic buckets from your pool parties and other gatherings. Indoor and outdoor friendly, the stainless steel beverage tub from BirdRock Home even comes with its own stand and an integrated beverage shelf, great for storing wine bottles, beer bottles, mixers, snacks and condiments. The handsome metal stand is also all-weather durable and wouldn’t look out of place at a fancy gathering or black tie event.

With a polished finish and sturdy handles, this beverage tub is an easy-to-transport cooler. Set it on the ground and fill it with ice to keep your casual cold drinks within reach (I.e. on the lawn or next to the pool). At five pounds, the sturdy stainless steel keeps things firmly weighted.

For more adult gatherings, lift the tub onto the black metal stand and use it to keep your alcohol chilled and elegantly presented. With a large capacity stretching over 28 inches wide and almost 20 inches deep, the beverage tub holds over 35 bottles of soda, beer and water, or up to 19 bottles of wine or champagne.

A proper beverage display really elevates any gathering, turning your house parties into elegant soirees. If your household is ready to graduate from the era of keggers and red cups, this beverage tub can play an important supporting role in the indoor/outdoor entertainment space.

A must-have for all kinds of events including pool parties, graduations and more, it works as the beverage tub at wedding receptions and baby showers too. It also works for office events, art galleries and fundraisers. The added benefit of the included stand gives this polished metal piece a real edge in terms of versatility.

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