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Never Wait for Water to Boil Again with This Brilliant $15 Microwave Pasta Cooker

Who doesn’t love pasta? The only set back is waiting for the water to boil and then pouring the scalding hot water out afterwards. Boy Genius Report has found a time-saving microwave pasta cooker that will change the way you cook pasta. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
Everyone hates standing around waiting for water to boil when they cook pasta. What almost no one realizes, however, is that there’s a much better way. The Comfecto Microwave Pasta Cooker with Strainer is a microwave safe container that is specifically designed to cook pasta in the microwave. Just follow the instructions that come with it for cook times based on what kind of pasta you’re making and how you like it cooked, and you and forget about ever having to wait around again for water to boil.

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Made with a durable, heat-resistant food grade material, Comfecto’s microwavable cooker will boil water and cook pasta in just 15 minutes. It also makes for a great veggie steamer as well.

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