If You’re Serious About Food, You Need This Knife In Your Kitchen

Courtesy of Mercer Culinary

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Consider yourself the king of the kitchen? Well, you’re just a wee little jester until you manage to get your hands on this cooking gamechanger.

From chopping veggies to slicing meats for meal preparation, the Mercer Culinary M22610 Millennia 10-Inch Chef’s Knife is the highest quality knife on the market that will alter the way you chef it up for the better. Made from strong-as-hell Japanese steel, it’s an incredibly durable kitchen staple that allows for easy blade maintenance and quick sharpening. The edge on this thing is razor-sharp even when it’s feeling a little dull, so trouble when slicing and dicing will forever become a problem of the past.

Mercer Culinary M22610 Millennia 10-Inch Chef's Knife Courtesy of Amazon

Never fear that your knife is going to slip out of your hands mid-cut with this baby — the Milennia Chef’s Knife is made with an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable for gripping and durable, so it won’t wear out over time. The handle is built with textured gripping points for safety and even has a protective finger guard, so you’ll never get a cut in the kitchen from prepping again.

Considering it’s made from Japanese steel, it refuses to rust, corrode or discolor. Keep in mind that this knife is hand-wash only. Although it won’t rust in the dishwasher, the harmful detergents and bigger loads will cause the knife handle to deteriorate. Additionally, although it won’t discolor even after years of use, it can if you leave it too long in water or if you ever use chlorine bleach. You have to treat this knife with immense care and in return, it will do the same to you.

Fans on Amazon have reviewed this knife over 13,000 times and it sits at a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars. Do you know how insane that is? It’s rare that a product reviewed that many times has such an excellent rating. Most even explain they’re only giving it 5 stars because they can’t give it more.

The Millennia Chef’s Knife can be purchased right on Amazon for just $17, which is a total steal. Ready to change the way you chop?


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