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This $40 Tumbler Lets You Make An Espresso On The Go

* Delivers quality cup of espresso without electricity or battery cartridges
* Intuitive design makes the GR MiniPresso Espresso Maker easy to use
* Small enough to bring anywhere

The good folks at Wacaco are putting the power of a coffee shop into the palm of your hand. Introducing the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, a piece of tech wizardry that gives you access to a satisfying cup of your favorite espresso anytime, anywhere.

Featuring a sleek cylindrical shape and weighing in at just under a pound, the MiniPresso is great, whether you’re on an impromptu hiking trip or in the office and the break room feels like it’s a thousand miles away.

As intuitive as it is portable, the easy-to-use MiniPresso relies on a semi-automatic piston instead of electricity or batteries, so all you need is hot water and a few scoops of your favorite coffee to pump out some rich, frothy espresso in just three easy steps. A detachable cup and a scoop are built into the MiniPresso for good measure. The device is also self-contained – no paper filters necessary.

A recipient of the Coffee Fest “Best New Product Of 2016” Award, the GR MiniPresso Espresso Maker’s design combines the accessibility necessary for the ever-spontaneous millennial you know, with the utilitarian, do-it-yourself feel the battle-tested traveler in your family trusts the most. Has espresso ever been so easy?

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